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Hans J. Wegner  1914-2007

One of the most original furniture designers Denmark has produced is Hans J. Wegner. In 1941, he began working with master carpenter Johannes Hansen. Wegner, who was a skilled carpenter, had a seldom ability to construct and shape wood. His furniture is powerfully formed. Some have an experimental character, while others are finished: distinct and simple in construction, good in use with characterful solutions and delicate material effect.

Much of his furniture has been innovative and has remained role-models. He can simplify a construction and a design until it is precise and complete, without seeming unimaginative and boring.

In his arm chair it is characteristic that the arm and chair back are shaped from a continuous piece of ash wood bent with steam. The result is thereby a simplification and elegance, at the same time that use is prioritized, following the Klint school’s ideals.
  • Carpenter apprenticeship, 1928-32.
  • Employed as skilled carpenter, 1932-35.
  • Furniture designer from Arts & Crafts School in Copenhagen, 1936-38.
  • Employed by architects Arne Jacobsen, Erik Møller and Flemming Lassens, 1946-48.
  • Independent drawing office, 1943- .
  • Member of Academic Architect Association, 1944.
  • Teacher at the Arts & Crafts School, 1946-50.
  • Also employed by architect Palle Suenson, 1946-48.
  • Exhibition architect for the National Association of Danish Arts & Crafts 1949-52.
Has designed furniture for Copenhagens Carpentry Guild’s Furniture Exhibitions since 1938, as well as for industrial companies since 1940.
Prizes and medals:
  • Lunningprisen, 1951.
  • Grand Prix, Trienalen in Milano, 1951.
  • Prize and Gold Medal, Trienalen in Milano, 1954.
  • Eckersberg Medal, 1956.
  • Dansk Købestævnes Annual Medal, 1956.
  • Silver medal at the Trienalen, 1957.
  • The Carpentry Guild’s Annual Prize, 1959.
  • Hon. Royal Designer of Industry, London, 1959.
  • “Citation of Merit”, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, 1959.
  • International Design Award, American Institute of Decorators for Furniture Design, 1961.
  • Prins Eugen-Medal, Sverige, 1961.
  • Carpentry Guild’s Annual Prize, 1965.
  • Copenhagen’s Carpentry Guild’s Anniversery Scholarship, 1965.
  • International Design Award, American Institute of Interior Designers, New York, 1967.
  • “Citation of Merit” of American Institute of Interior Designers, 1968.
  • Diploma di Colloborazione Trienale de Milano, 1973.
  • Furniture Prize, 1980.
  • C.F. Hansen Medal, 1982.
  • Knight of the Dannebrog, 1984.
  • Danish Design Council’s Annual Prize, 1987.
Has recieved more than 24 prizes for furniture. Has had exhibitions numorous places worldwide and is represented in a great number of museums the world over. Has also designed silverware, lamps and wallpaper. Since 1940, has designed more than 500 pieces of furniture for Danish industrial companies. Has collaborated with more than 15 of the leading companies in Denmark; among the best known are:
  • Master carpenter Johannes Hansen from 1949.
  • Fritz Hansen Eft.fl., 1943.
  • FDB from 1944.
  • Ry Møbler from 1951.
  • Carl Hansen, Odense from 1950.
  • Getama, Gedsted from 1951.
  • PP Møbler, Allerød from 1954. First independent model for PP in 1975.

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Hans J. Wegner / Andreas Tuck
Coffee table in solid oak / steel
Good condition
Location: Roxy Klassik Showroom - Jorisvej 11, 2300 KBH. S.
Item number. 1027614
Price: 8,800,- DKK
no.1022376 Hans J. Wegner / Getama
GE 2 - "Hammock chair"
Patinated mahogny
Early model
Original condition
Shown in KLASSIK Flagship Store
- Bredgade 3, 1260 KBH K.
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Item number. 1022376
Hans J. Wegner / Johannes Hansen
Arm chair in oak / original blue fabric
Model N. JH509 - small model
5 pcs. in stock
Good condition
Item number. 1038361, 1038363, 1038365
Price: 9,800,- DKK per item
no.1038361, 1038363, 1038365
no.1025674, 1025675 Hans J. Wegner / PP Furniture
PP 66 - China Chair i ash and papercord
2 pcs. in stock
Good condition
Shown in Roxy Klassik Showroom - Jorisvej 11, 2300 KBH S.
Item number. 1025674, 1025675
Price: 12,800,- DKK per item
Hans J. Wegner / Getama
Side table in teak and oak
Good used condition
Item number. 1025781
Price: 1,800,- DKK per item
no.1025835 Hans J. Wegner / Getama
Footstool in smoked oak and leather.
Good condition
Item number. 1025835
Price: 2,200,- DKK per item
Hans J. Wegner / Getama
GE 530 Lounge chair in smoked oak and leather
Good condition
Item number. 1025834
Price: 10,800,- DKK per item
no.1025263 Hans J. Wegner / PP Møbler
Large "China" table in cherry wood
Good condition
Item number. 1025263
Price: 34,800,- DKK per item
Hans J. Wegner / Ry Furniture.
RY 26
Nice vintage condition.
Item number. 4000667
Price: 36,000,- DKK per item
no.4002624 Hans J. Wegner / Ry Furniture.
Teak & steel.
Nice refinished condition.
Shown in KLASSIK Flagship Store - Bredgade 3, 1260 KBH. K.
Item number. 4002624
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Hans J. Wegner / PP Furniture.
"China Table".
Nice condition.
Item number. 4002069
Price: 30,000,- DKK
no.4002235, 4002236, 4002237 Hans J. Wegner / Johannes Hansen.
4 pcs. in stock
Chairs in ash & leather.
Nice vintage condition.
Very rare set.
Item number. 4002235, 4002236, 4002237
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Hans J. Wegner / Fritz Hansen.
Set of 2 China chairs.
Model: 4283
Design 1943
Mahogany and leather.
Nice condition
Item number. 4002443, 4002444
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no.4002443, 4002444
no.4002513 Hans Wegner
AP stolen.
Sofa, 3-seater.
Oak & wool upholstery.
Nice vintage condition.
Shown in Roxy Klassik Showroom - Jorisvej 11, 2300 KBH. S.
Item number. 4002513
Price: 12,000,- DKK
Hans J. Wegner / Johannes Hansen.
"The Chair" in ash and brown leather
1 pc. in stock
Good, refinished condition.
Item number. 4002414
Price: 21,800,- DKK per item
no.4000440 Hans J. Wegner/Andreas Tuck.
Coffee table.
Teak/ steel.
Nice renovated condition.
Item number. 4000440
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